#ApaKataMereka – Vicky, Donatur WeCare.id

#ApaKataMereka – Vicky, Donatur WeCare.id

Beberapa waktu yang lalu, kami berkesempatan untuk mewawancarai salah satu #TemanPeduli. Yuk simak cerita dan pendapat #TemanPeduli, Vicky, mengenai WeCare.id!

My name is Vicky. I was born and raised in Indonesia but I spent most of my childhood overseas. Throughout my life, I have lived, studied and worked across several countries, such as Australia, Philippines, Singapore and Indonesia. 

Ever since I was a kid, my parents and my grandma in particular have been teaching me to be kind and generous to others especially to those in need or live in poverty. As such, I’ve been involved in various causes or charity foundations which allows me to do so, such as being a teaching volunteer for underprivileged children, building shelters for homeless people etc. across various emerging countries such as Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar etc. 

I always have a soft spot for Indonesia as it is my home country and in the past decade I’ve been trying to search for a platform, cause, or charity which allows me to donate, empower or help those in need there. I found wecare coincidentally while I was randomly browsing through my Instagram feed back in 2014. I stumbled upon interesting excerpt shared by Mesty Ariotedjo, co-founder of Wecare. 

She eloquently explained the platform’s concept which pretty much utilising crowdfunding principle to financially support people who are hospitalised, severely ill, and underprivileged across Indonesia given the lack of adequate health and social security. Later when I checked the website, I was quite impressed. It gave me complete descriptions of who the patients are, how much they need and have been fulfilled, where they are located and will be treated, who the practitioner is and how the funds will benefit them.

This is by far one of the most transparent crowdfunding websites I’ve ever seen and visited and in turn, has given me strong confidence and faith that the money I’ve contributed will go to the right people and for the right actions. Furthermore, I was personally enchanted when at certain points I received emails from the administrator sharing the positive success recovery of certain patients which I have helped in the past. Overall, it’s all rosy and positive reviews for the website, so bravo and well done for the team!

Compared to other cause’s website, WeCare has certain distinct competitive advantages. Firstly, it is user friendly. While it’s not the most polished or sophisticated website I’ve seen, but it serves its purpose well. It gives relatively good level of details of who the patients/what the causes are, their background, what illnesses they suffer etc. which then links to the second unique feature, its transparency. In the last few years, I’d never seen the site going offline or cluttered!

As part of the donation process, I’m always prompted if I’d like to opt for an additional fee for supporting the website’s admin and I really appreciate that. You do not merely charge people randomly but you are being as honest as possible and that’s gold. Not every other platforms/charities/causes could be so forthcoming and transparent. In lieu to that, I was astonished with your team’s proactive approach in sharing progressive updates on the patients. More often than not, once we have donated our money, the charities and causes forget that it would be great to provide some updates to the supporters. So, all of these transparencies are another plus!

Last but not least, the fact that it’s hosted online and accepts payment by credit card are helpful. Nowadays, people spend most of their time on their mobile phones or tablets. It would be less convenient for us if we have to physically visit the hospital or even talk to the admin staffs and since it’s online and accepts international credit card, it means we don’t have to even think twice of donating! 

I know the above is a bit lengthy testimonial but I hope it’s useful for you. One last feedback is that it’d be great if you could provide a dual translation (English) for the website especially knowing that your platform has gained a lot of international recognitions. People globally especially the Indonesian diaspora would certainly appreciate that feature.



Yuk bantu pasien-pasien WeCare.id seperti yang Vicky lakukan melalui http://www.wecare.id/patient. Bersama, menuju Indonesia sehat, merata!