Looking for Communication Specialist Volunteer

Looking for Communication Specialist Volunteer

WeCare.id is looking for a part time Communication Specialist Volunteer to help manage our communication and engagement with stakeholders (internal & external), on reaching WeCare.id ideal objectives; detailed job descriptions are such as:

– Curating, scheduling, posting relevant content for WeCare.id Newsletter & Thank You Note to organization’s partners, audiences, and beneficiaries
– Fully responsible on maintaining communication & engagement with our donators, through our Communications Tools (be it Electronic Mails, Social Media, Offline Tools/Events)
– Hand in hand with Social Media Team; managing & overlooking all published content in WeCare.id communication tools (images, video and written)
– Monitor listen and respond to stakeholders while cultivating leads and engagement
– Conduct online advocacy and open stream for cross promotions
– Develop and expand community and/or blogger outreach efforts
– Compile report for management showing results and achieved metrics (ROI)

Ideal candidates should possess:
– Strong passion in communication with adequate previous experiences in handling communication
– Last year Bachelor student/fresh graduate in communication studies or related
– Affluent in writing and speaking
– Collaborative, creative and highly innovative

Volunteers will be working dynamically with WeCare.id’s team, with flexible working hours and great perks of working with WeCare.id.

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